What To Expect During A Professional Flooring Installation.

Flooring Installation

You found your perfect flooring and locked in a flooring installation date?now what? If your
home has never undergone a renovation project, you may wonder how to prepare for your new
flooring installation. Don?t worry, we?re here to help.
At Marshall Flooring, we have over 50 years of experience in the flooring service industry. We
have successfully installed thousands of floors, for both commercial and residential projects,
and have over 100,000 satisfied customers for a reason. We?ll break down what you should
expect before, during, and after your upcoming professional flooring installation.

Prepping Your Home for Flooring Installation

Ahead of your flooring installation date, homeowners must prep their rooms to help facilitate a
seamless installation process. Moving small items, breakables, and electronics before the
project begins helps prevent damage to them or project delays. Don?t forget to empty closets,
dressers, china cabinets, and remove bed linens.

However, our team of experienced installers will help move furniture and other large items to
ensure a stress-free installation. If you requested ?set-up and delivery? as part of your area rug
purchase, we?ll move any furniture and install your rug and the non-skid cushion exactly where
you want it.?

Your furry friends are always welcome guests, but securing them to an area of your home
where installers are not working is essential to everyone?s safety and project success. We aim
to efficiently and quickly install your new floor, so that you, and your pets, can begin enjoying
your refreshed space as soon as possible.

Finally, if your flooring installation is scheduled for the snowy winter months, we greatly
appreciate a clear pathway into your home. A shoveled driveway and steps help minimize the
chances of slips and falls.

The Flooring Installation Process Begins

The moment you?ve been waiting for?installation day! Whether you are scheduled for a carpet
or hardwood flooring project, the installation date can feel rather hectic, but we?ll make the
process as smooth as possible.

Like any home renovation project, new floor installations can get messy. Even if you deep clean
your floors, dust from old carpet and hardwood flooring is very common?don?t worry. Expect
dust and debris during the installation of new hardwood flooring, as some cuts need to be
made in the home to ensure the best fit.

With our team of trained professionals, noise will be kept to a minimum when installing carpet
or flooring. Generally speaking, the only flooring type that warrants excessive noise is
nail-down hardwood flooring, as installation requires a nail gun and an air compressor.
New carpet typically has a distinctive smell, similar to a ?new car smell.? Opening windows and
increasing airflow helps this odor dissipate quicker.

In older homes, customers can expect some surprises after we remove the existing flooring.
This may result in unforeseen floor prep that needs to be addressed before installation can
start. If this occurs, we will let you know and explain what needs completed before we begin
remedying the subfloor.

Enjoying Your New Flooring

Your new, beautiful flooring project is complete?congratulations! After all our projects, all
flooring types can be immediately walked on after installation. Before we leave, we won?t leave
you with a mess, as our flooring service crew will help clean up. If we install carpet, our crew
will even vacuum the entire job before leaving.

As an additional service, we will haul away and dispose of your old carpet and/or flooring.
However, we will not transport any carpet or flooring with excessive soiling, pet stains, fleas, or
other hazardous agents.

Plus, we?ll leave any leftover material on-site for the customer to keep for future needs. If there
are sizeable carpet scraps left over from the job, we will bind the edges, giving you a new area
rug or walk-off mat for your home.

Flooring Installation Made Simple

At Marshall Flooring, we know how big of an investment is when purchasing new flooring. As
one of the leading flooring service providers in Northeast Ohio, we pride ourselves on
delivering exceptional results to help turn your house into a home.