Omar & Wilton’s Top Flooring Picks for Cleveland Homes

If you’ve ever been to Marshall Flooring, you’ve probably had the pleasure of meeting our furry friends and trusted flooring professionals, Omar and Wilton. Trotting around the showroom, our resident flooring specialists help sniff out the best flooring solutions for your home in exchange for belly rubs and plenty of “good boys.”

If you’re in Cleveland and looking to refresh your flooring, Omar and Wilton weighed in on their top flooring choices for your home, including plush area rugs, durable carpets, scratch-resistant hardwood, and waterproof solutions. Learn more about how to transform your home with the help of Marshall Flooring.

Omar’s Top Picks: Soft Area Rugs & Durable Carpet

As a spry thirteen-year-old doggo, Omar prefers flooring solutions that are kind to the joints yet stylish and functional. You’ll often find him accompanying our Rug Manager, Steve, with customers perusing our impressive selection of 1,000+ in-stock area rugs, making us the largest independent rug showroom in Ohio.

When choosing a rug, Omar recommends factoring in your room size, intended use, and style preferences. For example, he suggests area rugs made from plush wool if you’re looking for a rug to add comfort to your space. Made from natural materials, wool is durable and dirt-resistant—something Omar knows all too well, as he has tracked in messes from time to time. Synthetic rugs are an Omar-approved alternative for a more cost-effective, soft rug option.

Carpet, too, is one of Omar's favorite flooring materials. You can find him rolling back and forth on the carpet for hours because it provides warmth and comfort, just as it will for you. Carpet’s soft, spring texture instantly makes your house more comfortable and is great for families with children and pets. Plus, it helps minimize noise underfoot.

If you’re worried about the type of carpet fibers and how they can impact pet’s health, Omar suggests Smart-Strand without any topically applies stain treatment.. Non-toxic, Smart-Strand is also highly durable, super soft and can withstand high-traffic areas and messes. At Marshall Flooring, we have hundreds of Smart Strand carpet options, ensuring you’ll find the perfect style for your home.

Wilton’s Favorites: Scratch-Resistant Hardwood & Stylish Waterproof Flooring

Wilton is very active, causing him to gravitate toward sturdy flooring options that can handle his zoomies. He encourages homeowners to explore our wide array of scratch and dent-resistant hardwood brands. Investing in hardwood is a great long-term flooring solution, as engineered wood flooring can exceed 30 years, while solid hardwood can last 100 years.

Oak, the gold standard in hardwood flooring, is long-lasting and perfect for residential homes. Quality hardwood finishes help reduce scratches from pets or general wear and tear. Wilton also enjoys lounging on cool hardwood during hot summer days, as it naturally acclimates the temperature year-round and doesn’t absorb heat as easily as carpet, making it comfortable throughout the warmer months.

In the market for something durable and waterproof? One of Wilton’s favorite waterproof solutions is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). LVT is one of the trendiest flooring options, as it emulates the appearance and feel of stone, ceramic, or wood and can withstand high moisture. With multiple layers, including a durable wear layer and rigid core, luxury vinyl withstands moisture, heavy foot traffic, spills, and scuffs.

Wilton is also a huge fan of laminate flooring, another water-resistant and durable option. It mimics the look of hardwood floors and isn’t as susceptible to scratches or dents—and can be a more cost effective alternative. Wilton particularly appreciates how our laminate flooring selection includes a sizeable assortment of colors and finishes, ensuring you’ll find something for your home.

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From eye-catching area rugs, soft carpets, hardwood flooring, waterproof floors, and more, we have thousands of flooring solutions available. Omar and Wilton love helping customers find their perfect flooring solutions, so stop by Marshall Flooring or schedule a free consultation today!