Spring Cleaning 101: How to Care For The Most Popular Flooring Types

As the days lengthen and chilly temperatures lessen, the onset of spring is a time for
change—for homeowners, it’s often the catalyst for giving their humble abode a nice deep
clean to kickstart the new season.

When you are putting together your spring cleaning checklist, it’s important to account for the
flooring types in your home to ensure you have the proper cleaning tools. Not sure how to
properly care for your floors? We’ll break down our tips and tricks for cleaning your luxury vinyl,
tile, carpet, rugs, and wood flooring types to ensure your floors stay in pristine condition all
year long.

Luxury Vinyl: Choose Neutral PH Cleaners

Every flooring type has unique upkeep requirements. In particular, luxury vinyl floors can lose
their clear finish if cleaned with unsuitable products, stripping them of their beauty. You cannot
use any type of wax or oil-based cleaning solution, as they leave a residue behind that builds
up and attracts dirt, making the floor appear cloudy.

In addition to regularly sweeping your floors, using neutral PH, non-abrasive floor cleaners help
enhance the look and beauty of your luxury vinyl products like LVT, LVP, and sheet vinyl
flooring. We recommend Bona or Zep cleaning products for cleaning and restoring vinyl floors.
To get a deeper clean, spot cleaning with a steamer can remove stubborn grime.

Tile Floors: Cleaning Made Simple

If you’re worried about ruining your tile by cleaning too aggressively, don’t—porcelain and
ceramic tile are virtually indestructible, so don’t be afraid to throw some elbow grease in there
when doing your spring cleaning. Plus, you can use just about any tile floor cleaner, and they’re

Where you need to be cautious, however, is the grout. Using a neutral PH floor cleaner will
ensure your grout isn’t compromised. Even with all the proper care, it’s inevitable that your
grout will eventually become discolored. One of our preferred cleaning partners, Grout Perfect,
can help restore the grout and make it look brand new again.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Tips: Know Your Fiber Content

Believe it or not, the fiber content plays a crucial role in the care and maintenance of your
carpet or rug. Synthetic fibers like Nylon, Polyester, and Smart Strand can be more
aggressively cleaned using spot cleaners. Stain-X, or what we like to call magic in a bottle, is
one of the most effective cleaning options for these carpet or rug fiber types.

Natural fibers like wool, silk, viscose, and sisal are more sensitive fiber types. When consider
spring cleaning, we recommend having those professionally cared for to prevent any damage
or discoloration to your carpet or rugs. Bill's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Defranco
Carpet Cleaning
are our preferred local partners for professional carpet and rug cleaning.

Wood Floors: Minimize Water Exposure & High Heat

On a day-to-day basis, regular dry mopping and spot cleaning is the best way to address
everyday messes. Choose quick-dry, water-based cleaners for your hardwood floors to avoid
any damage, as you do not want to saturate a wood floor with water or another liquid. Do not
ever, and we repeat, ever, wet mop your wood floor.

Wood floors are not steamer-approved. Wood doesn’t like water or high temps, so using a
steamer would be a recipe for disaster.

Cleaning Mistakes: The Vinegar Misconception

With nearly six decades of flooring experience, we wanted to address one of the most common
cleaning misconceptions: diluted vinegar in water. This long-used cleaning solution is highly
acidic and will eat away at the finish of your floor and grout. Using vinegar can void your
warranty and leave you with a damaged floor and crumbling grout.

Spring Cleaning Tips From Marshall Flooring

As we inch our way closer to the season of new beginnings, don’t let your good intentions of
spring cleaning damage your floors. Using the right cleaning products, such as non-abrasive
cleaning solutions, and professional cleaning services, will help you uphold the beauty of your

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