Three common questions about tile flooring

Three common questions about tile flooring

Tile flooring is a fantastic choice when you need an excellent floor covering. It's durable, looks great with any decor, and has an extensive lifespan.

It's common to have questions about your options in this flooring line. So, here are three common questions about the materials and the answers that go with them.

1. Is tile flooring a durable choice?

Yes, tile is durable, with scratch, scuff, and fade resistance. You'll also find it's water resistant enough to work in kitchens and foyers efficiently.

Durability is extended by using rugs and runners in areas of high traffic. Be sure to ask for ceramic tile ratings that match your specific requirements, too.

2. Does tile cool the home?

Tile flooring doesn't create any temperatures of its own, but it does conduct it well. So, if your home is well heated or air-conditioned, it's likely to disperse the temperatures nicely.

Consider area rugs if you prefer added warmth and softness in cool weather. A plush rug can be a great addition to bedrooms and children's rooms, especially in the winter.

3. How long will tile floors last?

With professional installation, these floors can last more than 50 years. And tile flooring will perform well through the years, no matter what room you install them in.

You may never have to replace the tile once it's implemented. This means you'll save lots of money on replacement costs.

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