2024 Cleveland Flooring Trends

2024 Cleveland Flooring Trends

As lifelong Clevelanders, we’ve heard it all when it comes to the age-old debate of East Side versus West Side, but there’s one thing we can all agree on—Cleveland, Ohio, is a great place to live at any age, regardless of which side of the city you live. Our city is home to vibrant neighborhoods and communities, each with its distinct charm.


As Cleveland’s top flooring service provider, we serve customers all over the Greater Cleveland area. It may be early in 2024, but we’ve already noticed flooring trends developing across the East and West Side. Looking for some inspiration for your next renovation project? Check out some of this year’s emerging Cleveland flooring trends.



Traditional Homes Favor Warmer Tones & Fool-Proof Flooring Options


Neighborhoods like Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, Gates Mills, Chagrin Falls, and Lakewood have streets lined with beautiful, older homes. Many homeowners opt for rich hardwood flooring options to complement the home’s original architecture and aesthetic. We’ve seen an influx of oak hardwood flooring in warm tones, such as browns, tans, and beiges, as these often mesh the best with the traditional interior elements. For people looking to add a bit of color to their hardwood staircases, custom stair runners with multi-colored patterns draw attention to impeccable craftsmanship.


With all their old home charm comes an extra layer of responsibility for a homeowner, especially when choosing the right flooring. For seamless maintenance and increased durability, we recommend choosing wire-brushed or textured thin wood planks. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and waterproof flooring are the best options for basements of homes in Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, Gates Mills, Chagrin Falls, and Lakewood due to the age of their homes and their increased potential for moisture.



Modern Finishes & Cooler Colors For East Side Homes


In 2024, Beachwood, Moreland Hills, and Orange homeowners have been favoring modern finishes and designs. Flooring options that give off the appearance of wood, such as LVT or hardwood, reign supreme as the most popular solutions throughout the home. Lighter, natural tones, such as white oak or light grey, have become increasingly popular in modern East Side homes.



Other flooring types, such as carpet and rubber flooring, are not uncommon. Carpet remains a staple in bedrooms, especially the softest material options. Many people seek out textured tweed or minimalistic options in solid colors to reflect a sleek, modern aesthetic. Rubber flooring is also popular, as many Eastsiders have yoga rooms or home gyms.



Vibrant Cleveland Neighborhoods Embracing Modernity


As more modern townhomes and new builds pop up in Bratenahl and Ohio City, more homes are leaning fully into the beauty of hardwood or natural-looking flooring solutions. Natural flooring materials, hardwood, and LVT have been some of the most sought-after flooring options and generally run throughout the entire unit. White oak, in particular, has been very popular, as these homeowners tend to favor a more neutral home interior design. Wider plank variations help open up the space and make it appear larger, too.


Homeowners in Ohio City and Bratenahl, however, haven’t completely ditched carpet or other flooring solutions for their spaces. Although carpet isn’t as popular, it is still used in bedrooms but in muted tones and made of low-dense pile. Outdoor turf has risen in popularity due to more homes having rooftop access, helping create a pocket of peace and relaxation in these spaces.



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