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The art of custom rug layering

Layering rugs is a design trend that has taken the interior decorating world by storm. When done right, it adds depth, texture, and personality to your space. At Marshall Flooring in Mayfield Heights, OH, we believe that layering custom rugs is an art form that can transform any room into a cozy and stylish haven.?

Begin with a solid foundation:

The first step in custom rug layering is choosing a solid base rug. This rug should serve as the anchor for the entire look. Opt for a neutral or solid-colored custom rug that compliments your room's color palette and style.

Layer with texture:

Texture is key when layering rugs. Choose a second custom rug with a different texture than the base rug. For instance, if your base rug is plush and soft, consider layering it with a jute or sisal rug to add a rustic and natural element.

Mix patterns and sizes:

To create visual interest and depth, experiment with custom rugs of varying patterns and sizes. If your base rug is a solid color, layer it with a custom rug featuring a bold pattern or intricate design. Conversely, if your base rug has a busy pattern, opt for a simpler pattern on top.

Create zones:

Layering rugs can help define different zones within a room. For instance, you can use a custom rug to delineate a seating area in a larger living room or create a cozy reading nook in a bedroom. The layered rugs act as visual markers for distinct spaces.

Pay attention to color:

While layering rugs allows you to play with color, it's essential to maintain harmony. Ensure that the colors of your custom rugs complement each other and the overall color scheme of the room. Consider using the color wheel to guide your choices.

Mind the borders:

The border of your top rug should be visible, allowing the layers to create a framing effect. This framing adds a polished look to the layered rug ensemble. Ensure that the border color complements the colors in the room.

Experiment with shapes:

Don't be limited to rectangular rugs. Experiment with different rug shapes, such as round or oval, for the top layer. This can add an element of surprise and uniqueness to your rug layering design.

Consider rug heights:

Think about the height of your custom rugs when layering. If your base rug is thicker, you can layer a thinner custom rug on top for contrast. This contrast in height adds depth and dimension to the overall look.

Use rug pads:

To ensure that your layered rugs stay in place and create a safe environment, use rug pads. Rug pads prevent slipping and sliding, making your custom rug layering both functional and stylish.

Personalize your space:

Custom rug layering allows you to create a truly personalized space. You can mix and match rugs that resonate with your style and preferences, making your home a reflection of your personality.

Custom rug layering in Mayfield Heights, OH

The art of custom rug layering is a creative and dynamic way to enhance your interior design. By carefully selecting custom rugs, textures, patterns, and colors, you can transform any room into a visually stunning and inviting space.

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