The Best Cozy Flooring Solutions for Colder Climates

As Northeast Ohio residents, we know a thing or two about braving the winter chill. A few
months of the year, your home becomes a refuge to escape the cold. Every year, countless
customers come in wondering what the best flooring options for cold climates are, as flooring
plays a key role in maintaining a warm, cozy home.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of warm flooring options that can withstand fluctuating and frigid
temperatures. If you?re in the market for cozy flooring options, check out some of our favorite
cold-friendly flooring solutions for your home.

Carpet: A Cozy Home Staple

Carpet flooring is the best choice for homes in colder climates. It?s incredibly versatile and suits
almost any room and design aesthetic. Due to its fiber composition, it helps trap heat and
provides warmth to your room, making it an energy-efficient flooring solution. Depending on
how low temperatures can drop in your home, we recommend considering the thread count of
your carpet?the higher the thread count, the more insulation it provides.

At Marshall Flooring, we install every carpet over a premium cushion, guaranteeing our
customers receive a soft and quiet feel underfoot. Not only will you love the look, but it?s a cozy
home flooring solution you?ll love walking on for years to come.

Hardwood Flooring: A Warm Hard Surface Alternative

If you?re looking for a hard surface option that sustains your home?s temperature, look no
further than hardwood flooring. The warmest of hard surface flooring types, its timeless style
adds personality and style to your space. Hardwood floors help circulate warmth throughout
your home, as wood is a conductor and allows heat to pass through it.
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Plus, hardwood is one of the best floors for cold weather because it maintains heat longer due
to its higher thermal mass. Solid materials lead to less fluctuations in your home?s temperature
because they absorb and store heat.

Stylish Area Rugs: A Cozy & Insulative Flooring Option

Area rugs instantly add a layer of warmth and coziness to your home. Stylish, durable, and
versatile, they are one of the best flooring solutions for homes in cold climates. Area rugs help
insulate the floor and prevent heat loss, consequentially increasing the temperature of a space
and preventing cold drafts.

As a bonus, they make hard surfaces more comfortable and can add texture to your space.
Enjoy freely walking on your flooring all winter long with the addition of a cozy area rug.

Radiant Floor Heating: An Innovative Warm Floor Solution

If you?re looking to guarantee comfortably warm temperatures throughout your home, radiant
floor heating is the way to go. Radiant floor heating systems conduct heat through your floor,
subsequently warming every object in the room.

This innovative warming solution can be installed under most floors and carpets. Typically, it?s
a heated wire or mesh that goes between the subfloor and the new flooring. If you live in a
colder climate, we strongly recommend considering installing radiant floor heating during your
next project to lock in warmth in your home.

Stop By Cleveland?s Top Flooring Showroom

Living in colder climates presents interesting challenges for homeowners, especially when it
comes to determining the best warm flooring solutions for your home. Don?t worry?we?re here
to help! Stop by our showroom or contact us today to learn more about our recommended?cold-weather-approved flooring and radiant floor heating options.